How does your child benefit?

When you buy from Radford House the profits go to Radford House.

Instead of supporting big business Radford House can now directly benefit when you buy products!
By using the well proven business model we are able to keep operation costs to a bare minimum and cut out the middle man in such a way that no brick and mortar business can ever compete, 
Not just for mom and dad but for the extended family. We deliver countrywide.  

With total transparency we share all the information, infrastructure and technology with you to help you make an informed decision on where to spend your money!

From a business perspective the idea is simple we want to leverage the relationships parents have with the school to

  1. Financially help the school and
  2. Create a successful business to support the above goal.
In the back end we have a massive warehouse that keeps all items sold in stock. We also have a dedicated courier fleet to serve the distribution of the products.
Then there is a business unit and technology in the background that facilitates the trade.
The idea is to minimise the effort the school has to make. The technology will automatically place orders with the warehouse and take care of all logistical arrangements for every order.
The only thing the school is going to do is take care of the items until they are collected and then to pay to release the stock from the warehouse. 
With your support the school will benefit more from this plan than from any other plan in the past.